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Testimonials of Pro Auto Body, Inc. in Mansfield, OH

“I have been going to Pro Auto Body for over 14 years. They have helped me get through 5 kids driving and all of their, 'Dad it wasn't my fault' incidents. Thanks Jim to you and your staff!”

- John
“In my experience, Pro Auto Body is a top auto collision repair shop with excellent customer service. After my accident I was worried that my car would never be the same, but their courteous and professional service exceeded my expectations and the car looks showroom new! Thank you Pro Auto Body!”

- Otto
“I have been a customer for many years. Pro Auto Body has come through in every situation for me. Who is number one? You are! For all my collision repair needs, they are #1! They care!”

- Fred
“I am extremely satisfied with the work Pro Auto Body has done to my car. On every occasion, they have given excellent, professional and timely service.”

- Yvette
“My friends at Pro Auto Body, Inc. have repaired several automobiles for me over the years. They have earned my business by having the repairs done right and with complete satisfaction when delivered to me. Thank you Pro Auto Body!”

- Ray
“I have had several vehicles that Pro Auto Body has done repairs on and I have been very pleased with their excellent work, and also their friendly customer service.”

- David